Design Management

Design Management from The Design House

Design Management

Innovative, cost-effective designs tailored to the specific operator’s requirements is at the heart of everything The Design House does. Using the very latest software available, we will work tirelessly to design and deliver an inspiring commercial foodservice solution.

We offer the following main design services:
• Space planning for all front and back of house operations
• Review and demonstration of anticipated traffic flow.
• The development of commercial food service concepts, using cutting edge 3D Visuals and optional fly-throughs
• Assisting on establishing dining capacities and calculating anticipated uptake
• Production of 1:50 CAD Layout drawings for all areas with itemised, detailed specification and quotations
• Ability to work within Building Information Modelling (BIM)
• Full service schedule, ventilation ow rates and detailed canopy drawings, indicating M & E loadings for all the speci ed equipment.
• Finishes schedules and drawings.
• Presentation of the scheme to the operator by the project’s Design Manager.

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